Bitcoin Storm Review: Should You Trade BTC With It?

Bitcoin is an effective alternative to traditional currencies because it is decentralized and transactions made with it are not subject to regulations. It is beneficial especially among individuals that make international transactions and purchases.   They can also transfer funds to anyone without worrying about government or bank regulations. Now, if you’re a trader and want to take advantage of Bitcoin’s benefits, should you open an account with Bitcoin Storm? Here’s a review to help you decide.

What is Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm is the latest trading platform, which investors, newbie and seasoned, trust and rely to for trading and making money from trading BTC.  It is built with an innovative algorithm, which works effectively in collecting the most important market trends and movements, along with bitcoin information in relation to other cryptocurrencies.

With trading knowledge and insights provided by the AI algorithm, traders can make a sound decision and gain higher chances of earning. Some users make at least $1000 weekly on this app, especially those that activate and use the robot trading option.

The founders have provided a simple and straightforward venue for all types of bitcoin traders in Bitcoin Storm. They’ve designed this platform to be easy to navigate, understand, and use. In this case, even those without cryptocurrency trading knowledge can make themselves more familiar with the app easily and trade better. 

Is Bitcoin Storm a Scam?

No, it is not. This is a legitimate software that has been proven and tested by numerous traders, who have made their first million with it.

This app is also installed with the most robust internet security tools and practices to ensure everyone’s safety. Heavy encryption is also applied to protect the user’s information from cybercriminals and prying eyes. 

However, traders should also realize that cryptocurrency trading involves a volatile market and financial losses are possible. Thus, they should not invest more than the amount that they are ready to lose, just like when trading in Forex and the stock market.

Overall, Bitcoin Storm is not a scam. It is a legit app that provides all types of traders with an equal opportunity to make the most out of their trades and decide better with its help.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
Good Choice
$250 Min Deposit98% – Success RateVery Easy To Use Trade Now

How Bitcoin Storm compares with other platforms

RegistrationThree steps
Website security100%
Withdrawal processFree and instantaneous
Fees0 fee
Verification of usersYes
Speed0.01 seconds

How to get started

Time is precious and should not be wasted. With Bitcoin Storm, getting started is easy and fast. This platform is designed and built with a quick signup process.   It helps users save their time and start trading with these steps.

  1. Sign up with your complete name, phone number, email address, and country of residence, and then click JOIN US.
  2. Fund your account with at least $250.  Traders should fund their account to start and participating in trading. This amount is not for payment to using the platform, but it is your fund to join trades and make profits.  It is your money alone. The platform does not charge a single penny for its use. What’s good about this platform is that it has a no-cap feature when users are making initial investment into their account. In this case, users can fund their account as much as they want to make more money in bitcoin trading.
  3. Start trading!  Once you’ve funded your account, you can start trading using the insights to find on the platform.

Things to remember about Bitcoin Storm

  • It is a proven and tested app for trading Bitcoin.
  • Founders are real traders themselves, and they’ve developed this platform to share their knowledge on how to become successful with trading.
  • This website is built with a robust and powerful algorithm that makes the most accurate trading predictions so that users minimize their risk and make more profitable trades.
  • The initial investment required is $250.
  • Using this platform is FREE.
  • Initial investors should determine their risk tolerance and disposable income before joining.

Bitcoin Storm Benefits

Designed and built for all types of traders

Professional, intermediate, and beginners can join the community and participate in profitable trades to grow their Bitcoin and money in general.  Even those without trading knowledge but ready to grow their wealth can join the easy to use and straightforward app.

The founders have eliminated the tedious process involved in cryptocurrency trading and have made sure that everyone can participate. The app is built with different control settings so that they can set their preferences based on their style, knowledge, and approach. Assistance levels are also integrated into the app, so traders can easily get guidance when they need it.

Professional customer support

Once of the things other platforms lack is a reliable customer service. In this case, their users do not get the assistance they need in real-time, leading to a lot of frustrations. It is a different case with Bitcoin Storm.

The developers and founders have made sure that people can contact the customer support and get the assistance they need in real time.  Having this said, they can have any of their issues attended to, allowing them to trade with ease and eliminating any frustration.

Automatic and manual mode

Bitcoin Storm offers two options for traders – the manual mode and the automatic mode.

  • Traders with knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency trading can choose the manual mode and trade by themselves.
  • Beginners who need help and have just started getting themselves familiar with cryptocurrency trading can use the robot mode. With this option, they do not have to trade by themselves. The app will do it for them. It will trade based on their set parameters, including assets to trade and risk tolerance. Users can have peace of mind that the robot will trade for them using its market analysis and their preferences.

Multiple trades

Bitcoin Storm allows traders to participate in multiple trades but with more effectiveness. It is unlike manual trading that requires more hard work on the trader’s part. With the software, users can gain an advantage over the competition because the software can make multiple transactions fast.

In addition, this reliable platform allows users to make more efficient trades by allowing them to trade professionally.  They can also trade with different strategies when participating in multiple trades.

Professional and standard rules

The people at Bitcoin Storm made sure that this app is made using standard rules and regulations. All the trading signals are aligned with the software’s rules as well as the user’s personal trading parameters. Traders have full control of the parameters that they want the app to implement when trading for them.

No emotions involved in trading. Setting the automatic mode, the trading robot participates in successful trades for the user, eliminating any emotions, including fear from hindering in trading, a common scenario in manual trading. This also eliminates any urge or impulse to buy or sell at any time.  

With Bitcoin Storm, traders can decide objectively and get rid of using their emotions when deciding.  Once they have set the parameters and activated the auto mode, they can leave the work to the robot that does the effective trading for them and allow them to earn as much with its aid.

Free for life

Users do not need to settle any amount to register and use the software. Even the withdrawals are free. Unlike with other platforms, this one does not also charge any upfront or hidden fees, making it one of the most user-friendly apps out there.

The only thing that the users need to do is to fund their account and get started making money with the software. This investment is for them to start trading Bitcoin and earning in the process.


Before trading their hard-earned money, traders should choose a safe and secure platform. As now, there are a lot of scammers ready to take and run with a trader’s money.

With Bitcoin Storm, they can be certain that they are dealing with the real pros in bitcoin trading. It is a proven and trusted trading app that has been used by seasoned traders themselves. 

The website is also built with encryption tools to ensure that user information, including their activities, financial details, and personal information, will not be decrypted from anywhere.  The founders also only require traders to register with their name and other basic details. 

Plus, they respect everyone’s privacy and confidentiality. They will not share, sell, or distribute their users’ data to any third party that has nothing to do with the operation and services of the site.

Nevertheless, the safety and security of the community is one of the primary objectives of the developers. Thus, they take their privacy very seriously to prevent anyone from accessing their information, whether personal or financial.

Compatibility with all devices

Regardless if they are using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC, there is no problem.  This online-based platform is accessible from any device and operating system. Traders only need to visit the official site and log into their account to start trading.   They can access the site from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Speed and accuracy

There is nothing quite like this software that gives everyone the chance to make huge money with cryptocurrency trading – beginners or advanced users. This platform’s algorithm works at the speed of 0.01 seconds and delivers 99% accurate results.

It collects valuable and the latest market data, including its movements and price trends. The AI technology algorithm then analyzes the information and make a recommendation as to what successful trades can be. 

But with the robot mode, investors do not have to spend an hour trading. At any time, they can log into their account and change their settings.


What’s Bitcoin Storm?

It’s an advanced automated trading platform that offers users multiple trading opportunities, whether they’re beginners or seasoned ones.

Is Bitcoin Storm a profitable BTC trading venue?

Yes! Some people make $1200 with it. Nevertheless, the larger the investment, the larger the chance of earning more profit.

Is it difficult to trade Bitcoin?

For beginners with little to zero knowledge in trading, yes.  They should be spending a lot of time and effort in analyzing and understanding the market and its behavior.

Not to mention, they need to collect a lot of information – and that must be updated – to make good trading decisions. 

But with Bitcoin Storm, even newbies can trade wisely and effectively, and that’s thanks to its AI technology. 

By setting the auto trading option, they can start making money on Bitcoin trading while trying to be familiar with the use of the app and BTC trading in general.  They only need to set their parameters – including their risk level, how much to trade, and when to trade.

As they become familiar, they can change their settings or trade manually using the insights provided by the app.

Is Bitcoin Storm offered to US residents?

No. Americans cannot participate in BTC trading with Bitcoin Storm. On the market, they can find different registered platforms allowing US residents to trade cryptocurrencies.

Is there an app that I can download?

No, there is none.  The platform is only available online. It is accessible from any device, including a laptop and a tablet. It also works on any operating system.

No, it is not. There is no truth to these rumors.  While a lot of celebrities have expressed their interest in digital currencies, none of them has endorsed Bitcoin Storm nor has it been featured in the media.

Should I invest all my money in Bitcoin Storm?

No, you should not. Learn how to diversify your trading portfolio and only invest what you are prepared to lose.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
Good Choice
$250 Min Deposit98% – Success RateVery Easy To Use Trade Now


Bitcoin Storm is a promising, new Bitcoin trading software built with a robust AI technology that helps traders make successful trades and earn money in the process. It has a fast and accurate algorithm, safe and secure platform, easy to navigate website, and user-friendly trading options. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to start with BTC trading should consider it for its accuracy, reliability, and performance.

But as we always say, interested traders should consider their options and determine their risk level. Make themselves familiar with trading, learn its ropes, and understand the factors involved. Finally, trading involves financial risk, which they must be ready to accept before trading.

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