About Us


This is where it all began: civilization, computers, television, telephone, TCP/IP, the invention of the World Wide Web. It seemed only fitting that ParadoxCafe.com should have started its main basis of operations in Scotland – the land of innovation.

Moving on quickly to a warmer climate, though, we have also established ourselves in Spain and France.

Europe is where our Interface Mastering takes place producing the latest in Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), the skin that integrates and makes usable complex database engineering.


The land of Hi-Tech, stable, robust engineering and also the country where the Internet was invented. Paradox Cafe USA is situated in Beaverton, Oregon. This is where some of the country’s top DB Engineers produce exquisitely mastered databases that seamlessly replace thousands of man hours normally needed to run a large, interactive web site.

We also house our main servers here and have lightning-fast connections to all corners of the globe. We have emergency generators, back up fuel to run them and staff monitoring the whole operation 24 hours a day.


Asia is the land of ferociously hard-working individuals who ply their talents faster than anyone else on the planet. While we are sleeping in Europe, these guys have nearly finished their working day.

Paradox Cafe Asia is based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and we will shortly be opening in Hanoi. We also have partners in Thailand, India and, a lot further south, Australia.

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