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Polygon (MATIC)

Another type of cryptocurrency that functions on Etherium protocol have a minimum withdrawal amount of 265 MATIC and a maximum of 6,250,000 MATIC. This digital token is slowly taking its root in the cryptocurrency market, achieving 65,536 transactions per block.

What’s unique about this cryptocurrency is its Polygon’s capricious messaging feature – the chains do not have a security service layer but can still pass different messages between each other. Through this, decentralized application development is possible.

Polygon is also a great way to help other fellow blockchains to collaborate with each other – this helps in lowering financial burdens and ease-of-use processes. It is supported by a variety of significant cryptocurrencies in the market, such as Binance and Coinbase. Aside from this, MATIC tokens have established connections with Augur, Xend Finance, and other partnerships.

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