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Cardano (ADA)

As a public blockchain platform, Cardano or ADA utilizes a decentralized system. Unlike Etherium blockchains which have limited growth due to transaction burdens and growing costs, ADA transactions have no middlemen and brokers in the middle. Instead, it functions on the Ouroboros, a proof-of-stake (POS) protocol backed by research evidence that is foreseeably successful in the future. This allows the token to function in a faster transaction and even saves on costs.

Cardano is an alternative to Etherium and minimizes the block production time to a minimum which is a huge difference when using Bitcoin who functions behind high algorithms. It functions on a fixed period on a limited variety of slots. These epochs have a five-day duration, while a slot lasts only one second. These numbers are customizable, and it should be remembered that once an epoch ended, it can immediately start anew. Each slot has a chosen leader through a random lottery. The higher the investment at stake, the better chance at soring something. Leaders are expected to validate and oversee transactions as well as manage new blocks in the Cardano blockchain.

ADA tokens are mainly used by people considering better investment returns. They are conscious of sustainable blockchain that will become even bigger in the future.

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