Updated: 22-Mar-2004


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Latest News


There's been a lot of news...

Where have you been? Don't you watch TV or listen to the radio? Boy.. there's been a couple of wars, a whole heap of new viruses, a couple of new operating systems, the weather is better than it used to be, we've started new companies, moved our office a couple of times..

Come on! Try to keep up with the news yourself.. don't come here and expect major revelations... try the BBC!



OCTOBER 16th SirCam Virus Warning!

In July we warned you about the SirCam Virus. Many of you still have this virus and everyday we receive at least 30 infected attachments.

NEW DANGER ON Tuesday Oct 16!
On the 16th of each month, the SirCam virus randomly selects infected computers and wipes their hard drives. This means no files, empty computer, lose all data, very bad.

Please read our advice below



Nimba Virus Alert!


W32/Nimda@MM was discovered on 18th September 2001. It can infect both through e-mail AND by merely browsing a web page from an infected server. It is spreading rapidly. We urge you to complete the following steps:

1. Update your virus definitions now
2. Scan ALL files (not just *.exe's) on your system
3. MAKE SURE you have installed the patch for MSIE 5.01 and MSIE 5.5 available from:

For full details please see NAI's advice from:


Good luck and safe browsing!



Terrorist Alert Warning!

All of us at ParadoxCafe.com would like to offer our condolences and support to the families of the victims who were killed in the attack against the United States on 11th September 2001.

We think a measured response should be meted out, but we urge caution and careful planning. Above all, it is vital to know and understand your enemy before you strike.

That said, it is definitely 'business as usual' at ParadoxCafe.



Virus Alert Warning!

It has come to our notice (having received quite a few infected e-mails in the last 2 days) that a rather virulent virus is on the go.

You should take notice of this as it could cause you severe embarrassment if you are not on your guard!

Virus Name: W32/SirCam@MM
Discovered on: 07/17/2001

If you receive an e-mail with an attachment that has the following message, you could be in trouble:

Subject: [filename (random)]
Body: Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice
or I hope you can help me with this file that I send
or I hope you like the file that I sendo you
or This is the file with the information that you ask for

See you later. Thanks


See http://vil.nai.com/vil/virusSummary.asp?virus_k=99141 for full information



Hosting service now only £200 ($300) per year!

With immediate effect we are offering our same fantastic web and wap hosting services at only £200 UK Pounds per year. Click here for further details.



No news is good news..

We're still here, lots happening, no time to tell you about it.



Site Makeover happens!

After 18 months of Paradox Cafe Gold, we have raised our sites, grown out of the old and launched the new. This time we will try to keep each page under 50Kb at least. That's how the old site started, but the old front page quickly made a life of it's own and grew to over 80K excluding graphics.



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