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Updated: 20-Feb-2002
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UK 07092 184 424
Espaņa 0676 674 429
France 0616 215 777
VietNam 84 90387 1313
UK Fax 0705 069 3888
USA (503) 574 4277

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ParadoxCafe.Net [VICE]-8 VietNamAsia

VietNam Information Communications & Education [VICE]-8 Consulting

Established AD.1994.10.18.VNT (VietNam Time, UT/GMT+7)
providing Internet and Information Systems Services
via the network of ParadoxCafe Universal and
internationally qualified systems offices
throughout VietNam & Asia.

m-commerce, web design and development, sms, wap, wireless, database engineering,
graphic design, interface mastering, CD Roms, localisation, hosting and promotion

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To access solid, robust technical solutions, with
the finest professional graphic and user interface design
for the most elegant and efficient information systems available.


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